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Local MFI Web Application Software 2020

Local Mircrofinace Web Application Sofware 2020

Do you run any microfinance company in your area? and you need software to manage everything then you should read this article.

Today in the Year 2020 many of finance company has worked smoothly in India but there is also lots of finance company who is working in the ruler area in India.

In this article, we will give you full details about the software which we have made. Its a Microfinance software but before telling you anything you should understand about MFI (Micro Finance Industry)

What is Mircorfinance ?

Mirco and finance there are 2 words which explain two things Micro means mini and finance mean who help peoples for any kind of financial help.

A person or any agency involved in finance or gives a loan to any person for any reason he or they will call microfinance. Mirco Finance loan company gives loans to peoples for the short or long term and the amount will be Rs 5000 to up to Rs.50000 per head.

Who is God's Father of Microfinance?

If you are involved in MFI this is a very and most important question which everyone should know, Muhammad Yunus called God Father of Microfinance. He stared finance  if you want to know about him please check this Wikipedia article

Ok, let's come to the main point, who runs small local finance in their local area it's very hard to manage everything in hard right?

If 2020 we live in a digital country where now everyone has altered one mobile phone in their family.
So if you get online your business so it will be very easy for you. After one month of hard work our team has built a software called Local Loan Monitoring System Software this software has built on PHP with MySql and its size is very low around 10MB And its currently on Beta Version and its web-based application software if have requited internet connection for use this software.

If you are thinking that you will get online your Local MFI Business then you should just use our software.

LMS software Features

Dashboard – From Here you can see today's Disbursement and Collection released notification

  • Master 

in this section, there is four-part which is

  1. Center – You can create center from Here
  2. Village – Add New Village from here
  3. Application – From this field, you can fill your client's information. Like Name, Surname, DOB, Aadhar number, etc, etc

  • Member Entry

Local MFI Web Application Software 2020

This field tells you in today's date there is any disburse in your office or not

Now let's move to Posting Section

  1. Disbursement Posting
  2. Collection Posting
  3. Modify Posting
  4. Delete Posting

  • Group Loan

  1. Disbursement Status
  2. Member Disbursement

  • Report

In the report section, we have currently added 5 types of reports which are

  1. Daily Collection Report
  2. Collection Sheet
  3. Master Group Register
  4. Daily Summary Sheet
  5. Disbursement Report

  • Branch other 

In the section, you will find You Branch/ Office Portfolio and Loan outstanding reports want to know more about this Local MFI software you can call or WhatsApp Us at This Number: +91 9091787301 (Pritam)


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